Remember (2022)

Remember (2022)

Action, Drama, Thriller

Pil-ju, an Alzheimer's patient in his 80s, who lost all his family during the Japanese colonial era, and devotes his lifelong revenge before his memories disappear, and a young man in his 20s who helps him.


IMDB 7.5 Remember (2022) 7.5 10 68

Original Title - 리멤버

Runtime - 2h 08m Released - Oct 26, 2022

Cast - Lee Sung-min, Nam Joo-hyuk, Park Keun-hyong, Jeong Man-sik, Yoon Je-moon, Song Young-chang, Moon Chang-gil, Choi Min-cheol, Park Byeong-ho

Director - Lee Il-hyung

Writer - Lee Il-hyung, Yoon Jong-bin

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